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With over 12 years of experience in IT 💼, I have held positions ranging from a web developer to key roles such as CTO, architect, and team leader in renowned companies. My journey in the IT sector is filled with diverse projects: from launching startups 🚀 to working on monumental systems. However, my passion isn't just limited to coding, management, and architecture 💡. I'm an active blogger 📝, authoring numerous articles in the IT realm: Every day, I share my experience, new findings, and observations with readers, striving to provide them with relevant and valuable information. Currently, I am also diligently working on my book 📖, which I hope will offer even greater value to my readers. 📌 Featured Product: Interview questions explained by recruiters, HR professionals, and managers. With examples from top experts. Preparing for an IT job interview? Arm yourself with this guide that combines unprecedented experience and valuable knowledge. 🔥 Key benefits of the guide 🔥 🚀 Immediate edge: Get acquainted with an expert's viewpoint, enhancing your credibility in the IT job market. 🎯 Master the basics: Understand the motivations behind interview questions to always provide precise answers. 💡 Strategically crafted responses: Answer accurately and substantively, standing out amongst competitors. 💪 Confidence boost: Approach interviews with confidence, thanks to thorough preparation. 🏆 Proven success: Benefit from a guide built upon years of practical experience and success stories. 🌟 Lifelong advantage: It's not just another interview. Acquire skills that will be an asset at every stage of your IT professional career. Whether you're an intern, junior, mid-level, or senior professional, this is your chance to excel in interviews and secure your spot in the IT industry.


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